Who We Are

Founded in June 2004, Maxxmedia is a fully integrated marketing company offering a comprehensive suite of services to advance our customers' businesses across the board. Actively engaged in four core areas of business that span all channels of communication, we are your closest partner for excellence and success.


Driven by an extraordinary "Passion@Work", Maxxmedia has built up an extensive customer base within a relatively short span of time, establishing a solid reputation in the market for quality products and efficient service. We are not resting on our laurels, but continue to pursue a winning strategy by creating value for customers through relentless upgrading and enhancement in all aspects of our business.


At Maxxmedia, our team does it all with heart! On the job, we put our hearts and minds into the work on hand, ensuring that we always deliver the best possible quality and service. But when it comes time to play, we are also second to none. Spending time to bond with clients and colleagues, and draw close to family and loved ones is one big reason we can work better and harder than the rest.

Our Team

No matter what field they work in, every Maxxmedian shares the same passion for our work. Take a peek at what our department representative has to say.

Jeffrey Yam

Success will not come without putting your heart into your work.

With 'Passion @ work', we can enjoy the fruits of success from all the 'Heart work and Hard work'. Our company's success is built on the unifying passion shared by each staff member and the support from all our partners.

Every problem can turn to an opportunity so face and welcome them.

Approach your problems as opportunities, not challenges

Jack Tay
Senior Manager

Allen Tan
Project Senior Specialist

In Maxxmedia, don't be afraid to try new things. Even if you make mistakes, you can always learn from it and everyone will try to solve together.

In business, it's about people. It's about relationship.

Let our customers be our biggest advocates.

Cindy Kwoh
Senior Account Executive

Ah Liang
Operation Specialist

Talk less, do more. Your hardwork will definitely pay off.

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